I’m Back – November 15

The first round of cancer treatment from March 17th to September 2nd 2021 didn’t work for me. It included 6 sessions of Chemotherapy followed by 10 sessions of Radiotherapy. Followed thereafter by a short two month period of no treatment at all. The cancer grew back to where it was before in those two short months, almost closing up my oesophagus to the size of a pea again in the area around the tumour. I had difficulty swallowing water, never mind any food.

A new round of far stronger Chemo treatment began for me this Thursday and I spent 4 days in hospital as an in-patient at a specialist Edinburgh hospital. I’m able to drink water again smoothly without pain and sipping on soup and milk shakes and progressing to soft foods like porridge, yogurt, etc, this week. I let my body and mind play a passive role in the first round of Chemo treatment. This time I hope to be more proactive. I did no exercise last time (I didn’t even have the energy to wash my car). I plan to do daily workouts, daily walks, stretch my arms and legs now and again and try to divert the energy I get from eating food to building up my muscles instead of all the goodness going into the cancerous tumour. I will be including Subject Clearing in my self help programme as an accompaniment to all the proactive stuff that the medical staff and myself can think off. The new treatment will be a challenge as I try to keep my strength up in the face of the adverse effects of the powerful drugs and of course the cancer will be trying to fight back and survive too.

Subject Clearing – Cancer

Subject Clearing Credit to Vinay at https://vinaire.me/2021/10/19/special-glossary-for-dianetics/?fbclid=IwAR3Qk9NXSLNGPDFdLgX8ZTmAAaa_qXBCsO8ZntU9gaG_wRCnnoh3bFv6WZI

Published by georgegawronska

I have small cell cancer of the oesophagus. Diagnosed in March 2021. This might be my last Christmas. I live in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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