Taking time out from my Subject Clearing Course today, I checked out my LinkedIn Page. I’d been invited to subscribe to #AskRichard – a forum set up for Richard Branson followers to submit to him a question for consideration as the next leading subject in his monthly Newsletter.

After reading some of the comments and suggestions, It occurred to me that there are so many people out there looking for help on Subject Clearing. How does one tap into that lucrative market supply without being thought of as being somewhat predatory?

Erin wrote, “Richard, I’m a single mom of a very intelligent 9 year old son. Currently I’m trying to balance being sole provider, grow my career, stay focused on our health and happiness among many other hats I have to wear all while maintaining my sanity. Above all I want to make sure I provide him with every opportunity I can to nurture and grow his amazing potential, talents and intellect. How would you balance all the rolls I must play without losing sight of the what’s truly important? What would you recommend I do to foster and continually encourage him to strengthen his talents and use his intelligence throughout life’s ups and downs? Thank you for all the good you do in this world with your talents and intellect.”

Liz wrote, “Hello Richard, How do you reinvent yourself for the second half of your life? I am a stay-at-home for the past 21 years, my kids are all grown up and I am looking for my new purpose! I am an engineer by trade but because I haven’t worked in corporate world for so long, no one even looks at my resume, which contains many leadership roles in the community and volunteering. So how do you convert that into something that gives me purpose every day and an income? Thank you for reading!”

Vishaan wrote, “How do you get people to listen to your business ideas? I constantly walk up against walls no matter what I do. I would appreciate your insight.#askrichard


Sheep in Wolf’s clothing

Published by georgegawronska

I have small cell cancer of the oesophagus. Diagnosed in March 2021. This might be my last Christmas. I live in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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