SIXTH POST – Comment to Vinaire

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Dear Vinaire,

I love what you are doing and enjoy reading about your life and research into Dianetics and Scientology. I have three questions for you if are still able.

  1. You are approaching old age now and still have some lingering medical problems that existed before you tried to find a cure for yourself in America.
    Do you have someone to continue the good work that you are doing for you when you leave this body and can you ensure that someone keeps your website blog alive for evermore. It’s an incredible piece of work you have created here?

2. In 1954, L. Ron Hubbard wasn’t adverse to improvements being made to his Dianetics programme at some stage in the future. Actually he said he would be disappointed in mankind if someone didn’t come along and put things right, quoting Page 256 Dianetics – The Future of Therapy, “In 20 or 100 years the therapeutic technique offered in this volume will appear to be obsolete…..”

I think you are the only former Scientologist on the planet who has come close to understanding and realising Hubbard’s ambition. Have you put these conclusions to Flag HG? I’m sure the hierarchy in Clearwater are not ready to listen atm but some time in the future, maybe in 100 years time as Hubbard proposes, the way forward for Scientology requires change. (By the way, almost all SPs or former Scientologist that I read about online are under the illusion that Hubbard’s writings are set in stone and cannot be changed forevermore. You seem to be the exception to the rule and are still positive about most of Hubbard’s research and teachings)

  1. We read about the Guardian Office and its successors “going after” former Scientologists who have blown the coop (Flag). Have you ever been a victim or aware of their “Fair Game” policy through either intimidation, surveillance, or legal action through law suits in court? It appears you still live or lived in Clearwater very recently which surprises me. It would however also put you in a perfect position to strike up negotiations for improvements within Scientology if you did still reside in Clearwater.

By for now, George

Published by georgegawronska

I have small cell cancer of the oesophagus. Diagnosed in March 2021. This might be my last Christmas. I live in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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